Airline Couplings to BS AU 138a:1980

There is an Emergency Line and a Service Line between each truck and trailer. Additionally there can also be an Auxiliary Line.

---------------------------------Truck/Tractor Fittings ------------Trailer Fittings

drawing of Female Self Sealing Valve, Female C Coupling and Male Coupling

Emergency Line---Self Sealing Valve -----Female 'C'----------------Male

drawing of Male Self Sealing Valve, Male Coupling, Female Coupling and Valve Lifter.

Service Line -------Self Sealing valve------Male-----------------------Female 'C'-----Valve Lifter

drawing of Female Self Sealing Valve, CA Female Coupling, CA Male Coupling.

Auxiliary Line----Self Sealing Valve ------Female 'CA'----------------Male 'CA'

spacing line

spacing line