Illston & Robson are Europe’s leading manufacturer of airline couplings and linkages based in the heart of Birmingham, England since 1908.


Illston & Robson are proud to be partners with Aston University.

Established in 2023, the partnership is helping us to provide a better service and innovative solutions to our customers by calling on the support of Aston University’s Engineers in the APF (Advanced Prototyping facility) and Academics across the Engineering and Physical Science College.

Made in the Midlands and exported globally.

As a family- run business we have a tradition of excellence reliability and innovation and are proud to be part of of the renowned industrial heritage of the UK.

Whilst Illston & Robson has been a fixture of the Midlands for over 100 years, we are never stuck in the past,  but instead constantly looking for ways to think-forward and conceive new products and capabilities for our growing list of valued and loyal customers.

In addition, we are Europe’s leading manufacturer of airline couplings and linkages, based in birmingham since 1908

Introducing Illston and Robson
Europe's Leading Manufacturer of Airline Couplings and Linkages

Established in 1908 and nestled in the heart of Birmingham, England, Illston and Robson have cemented our position as Europe's foremost manufacturer of airline couplings and linkages. With a longstanding reputation for delivering exceptional quality linkage components, our commitment to excellence is exemplified through substantial investments in state-of-the-art CNC equipment and a dedicated assembly area.

Airline Couplings & Accessories: As the leading manufacturer in the UK and Europe, we specialise in couplings for air brake lines on commercial and agricultural vehicles, adhering to both 2000 and 1980 British standards. Our esteemed clientele includes major OE truck, trailer, and tractor manufacturers. Our couplings are renowned for their user-friendly design, durability, and reliability. Each coupling features colour-coded labels - yellow for the service line and red for the emergency line - along with anodised aluminium outer sleeves on female couplings, matching the designated colours.

Furthermore, our plating standards guarantee a minimum of 350 hours of salt spray resistance, surpassing the 96-hour requirement set by BS AU 138b:2000. To ensure uncompromising quality, we subject 100% of our finished components to rigorous pressure testing before dispatch. Read more

Linkages Components: For over a century, the name Illston and Robson has been synonymous with top-tier linkage components. Our range of assembled linkages and balljoint linkage components finds application across various industries, including automotive, agriculture, and engineering.

Notably, our linkage components are highly sought-after in the building construction equipment market. We pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate closely with customers, developing innovative products and tailored solutions. Explore our Bespoke Solutions for further information on how we can cater to unique requirements.

Bespoke Solutions: Harnessing our expertise in design and manufacturing, Illston and Robson excel in providing solutions for unconventional physical designs, liberating our customers from the constraints of off-the-shelf products. We take great pride in working alongside our clients to deliver customised design solutions that set them apart from their competitors.

At Illston and Robson, we combine a rich heritage with cutting-edge technology, unwavering dedication to quality, and a customer-centric approach. Experience the pinnacle of airline couplings and linkage components by partnering with us.