British Standard AU 138b:2000.

BS AU 138b:2000 is the most recent standard for Airline Couplings, and the one we would always recommend.

  • These couplings supply the airline for both the Emergency Line and the Service line between each truck and trailer.

  • Easy to use, reliable and robust.

  • A streamlined product which meets high-performance requirements.

  • We air pressure test 100% of finished Self-Sealing Valves before despatch.

  • Parts are plated to protect them against at least 350 hours of salt spray, more than double the British Standard requirements. Coating is with either e-coat, black passivate or zinc-Nickle to 12 micron.

  • Available in M22, M16 or ½” BSP.

  • We place a visual indicator on our metric thread parts to avoid mis-matches in the field.

  • Customisation available; steel body with alternative colour sleeves for female couplings available on request.

  • Secure your Trailer with our C-Locks

Storage couplings are available to provide a secure and protective storage location for couplings.

airline couplings

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