Trailer C-Lock.

No-nonsense, resilient security for your trailer.

Our unique design C-Lock for trailers fully covers the male coupling, locking the trailer from being coupled up. The long lock sleeve prevents the coupling from being unscrewed from the trailer.

  • Unique key numbers or sets of locks with the same key number can be ordered based on fleet preferences. 10,000+ key combinations provide guaranteed security. Each lock is supplied with two keys, which are tucked inside a plastic cap for transit.
  • Easy to use – to fit, simply remove the key and push the lock into the male coupling. Lock longevity can be increased by an occasional application of mineral oil to the inside.
  • For use on BS AU 138b:2000 and BS AU 138a:1980 couplings.

VOR Trailer C-Lock

High visibility for vehicles on the road.

  • Based on our unique design C-Lock, with the added benefit of a high visibility reflective label in red with yellow VOR lettering.
  • Additional yellow VOR disk available for extra visibility.

Made in the Midlands and exported globally.

As a family-run business we have a tradition of excellence reliability and innovation and are proud to be part of of the renowned industrial heritage of the UK.

Whilst I&R has been a fixture of the Midlands for over 100 years, we are never stuck in the past,  but instead constantly looking for ways to think-forward and conceive new products and capabilities for our growing list of valued and loyal customers.