B Type Balljoints.

Adjustable Spring Balljoint


  • Ballpin is held in place between a pad and a grub screw against an internal spring.
  • Spring tension is adjustable using the grub screw; held in place with split pin.
  • Ballpin has full 30°angular movement.
  • Grub screw and ballpins are hardened file hard.
  • Zinc plated and passivated for 96hrs salt spray.


  • Adjustable
  • Easily assembled and disassembled.
  • Internal spring eliminates backlash.
  • BSF versions and brass bodies available to order.
  • Suitable for Vintage and Classic vehicle throttle linkages.
  • M10, M12, 3/8" UNF and 1/2"UNF available to order only.

B Type specifications

All Dimensions in mm

Made in the Midlands and exported globally.

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